digiAssist, Ltd. has morphed into a virtual marketing and management consulting firm with partners in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay area and Silicon Prairie/Chicago. We have specialists with business development, product marketing, print and Internet advertising, business coaching, and program management skills. Our engagements have been in such diverse fields as consumer financial information systems, bio-tech patents, wireless data services, B2B2C and B2C web sites, web video services, consumer robotics, telematics, and smartphone apps.

Recent projects have involved business plan development, team building, M&A consulting and market developmental work in a variety of high tech and information service fields for both pre-IPO players and Fortune 500 companies. Our staff is made up of 2-3 full time professionals in each market with selected contractors and consultants that are called on for specific projects.

The business was incorporated in Illinois in 1987 as VoX Services, Ltd., a digital voice and information services business for Chicago and the western suburbs. After selling the hardware and customer base to Mortgage Market Information Services (MMIS) in 1992, the company changed it's name to digiAssist, Ltd, in 1993, and its line of business to management and Internet consulting. Beyond that, we have expanded our services by supplying staff and helping companies leverage various digital and network technologies into their business processes. We ar every conscious not to over sell the small companies with more Internet or automation than they can effectively use at their stage of development.

digiAssist opened a second office (digitalCCT - Coaching, Consulting and Training) in the San Francisco Bay area in 1999 to be closer to the action. With over one hundred years of corporate and consulting experience the digiAssist team is capable of providing both short and long term project support to your company.

DigiAssist, the company name, is a contraction of "digital assistants" - we leverage our digital and management skills to assist you in your business.