Small and medium size companies don’t need full time employees to vet their business plan, initiate a developer program, write an HR manual or develop a sales commission for a telemarketing team.

Looking for help in evaluating a franchise? Trying to put a balanced budget together?  Write an MRD? Need someone to negotiate with SBC or your advertising agency? These projects can last from a few weeks to several months.  digiAssist can supply you with experienced people in areas that support your specialty or just fill in your team's gaps! 

digiAssist is a small management consulting and marketing group that works with startups, small and mid-sized companies and investment bankers.

We bring broad business and market experience to you without the long term overhead. We specialize in:

  • Analysis Engagements
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Creative Idea Development
  • Web Site Strategies (SEO/SEM)
  • Operations Management
  • Developer and Licensing Negotiations
  • Franchise Evaluation
  • Sales and Channel Development Strategies
  • Updating or Writing Business Plans
  • Trademark, Patent and Copyright work
  • Finding Investors