As a leader in local search marketing strategies, digiAssist identifies the most effective mix of advertising media to help a businesses reach and engage it's consumers. We utilize a suite of marketing programs and analytics to ensure your message is at the right place at the right time - and that's key to building a successful advertising program.

Caveat Emptor! If you are a small business, first time venturing into Internet marketing, be careful for all the hype and promises of SEO consultants, the generalizations from franchisers, and the hype of services that imply you can be as succesful as a Fortune 100 company.  Many promise to make your business number one in local search - but somehow they make the same promise to your competitors in the same locale!  Our suggestion: have reasonable expectations, measure results, don't make a big or long commitment.  Your first consultations and efforts should cost hundreds of dollars - not thousands!  Our first meeting is free - the consulting, coaching and contracting should start after that.

Before you engage anyone else, contact us to learn how we can help you evaluate and generate options for your business.